How It Works

We like to keep things simple.

Below you will find a breakdown of what to expect when you sign up for a Fixen subscription plan.

Pricing and Plans

See our range of monthly subscription plans and pricing. Find a plan that suits your business. 

Your business needs

We will have a meeting either in person, virtually or over the phone to discuss your business needs.

We will find out what you want to accomplish by using Fixen, what outcomes you want to achieve, what goals you want to reach and how we can help you achieve your business vision.

Your website platform

We will then log in to your website, whether you are using WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, Weebly, Magento, Hubspot or another CMS (website building platform).

Once logged in we will then do a website audit to see what work needs doing.

Create a plan for you

Once we know what website platform you are using and have completed a website audit we will then create a bespoke plan of the work to be done.

This plan will give you an overview of the fixes that we can implement, why we need to implement them and what impact this will have on your website.

Implement your plan

We will then start making these changes for you depending on the subscription plan that you are signed up to.

You will then be notified once these changes have been made.

If we are doing design work for you, we will send this over for your approval and or use.

Request on the fly updates

If you have an update or design work that needs doing that is not included in your plan document, you can simply contact us to request this.

These updates are included in your subscription if you have the required amount of time left on your plan during that month.

Need an update outside of your subscription plan?

If you need to request an update task that is outside of your monthly subscription plan, or you have run out of time for that month, then you can contact us to discuss your options for a one-off urgent update or request to upgrade your plan. 

Get in Touch

We would love to answer your questions.

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